During the first visit, physiotherapists carry out subjective and objective assessments. The physiotherapist will assess you by looking at your movement, strength, coordination, balance. A thorough understanding of your condition enables him to set short and long-term treatment goals.

1. We carry out thorough physiotherapy assessments in your environment, so you do not have to worry about coming to the clinic.

2. Based on the outcome of the assessment, the physiotherapist will make a treatment plan and conduct appropriate physiotherapy intervention, which may include: joint or soft tissue mobilization to realize the soft tissue restrictions or impaired range of motion in the affected joints, massage, dry needling, correction and re-education of your movement pattern.

3. The physiotherapist will advise you about the exercises and ensure you are doing them correctly. If needed, will advise you about the bracing or assistive devices, e.g. walking aids and wheelchairs, you may need to help you with your recovery.

4. If your physiotherapist decides to prescribe you the exercises, you will receive access to the online platform with the video content of your prescribed exercise program.